Better Call Saul And Breaking Bad Timeline Explained (2023)

The nice thing about Vince Gilligan’s Albuquerque universe in Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul is how neat and orderly it all is. Gilligan and his Bad and Saul writers (including Saul showrunner Peter Gould) take an engineer’s approach to crafting their series. When characters are presented with problems, the show makes sure they go about solving them in as realistic and detailed a way as possible.That appreciation for realism and detail carries over into Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul’s approach to time. There are very few “circa” dates” or “I don’t know, around Christmas, 2004?” dates on either show’s calendar. Breaking Bad established a starting date in its very first episode and then the writers take great care to make sure that everything that happens after (or before) sticks to a realistic timeline.The end result of this attention to detail is a shockingly thorough and complete timeline for both shows (and for the Breaking Bad movie, El Camino). Let’s break down everything that happens in the Better Call Saul/Breaking Bad/El Camino universe. One note before we begin: the Breaking Bad Fandom Wiki is a marvelous resource for delving into the full chronology of each show. We’ve used that as a jumping off point to present you this narrative timeline of events.1980– The law firm that would eventually become Hamlin, Hamlin & McGill is founded in Albuquerque.c. 1980s– Gray Matter Technologies is founded by Walter White, Elliot Schwartz, and Gretchen Schwartz. Walt will eventually sell his 1/3 share.1985 – Howard Hamlin joins HHM. The Nobel Prize in Chemistry is awarded to Herbert A. Hauptman and Jerome Karle. Walter White worked on their team.1989 – Hector kills Gus’s partner Max Arciniega.C. 1992 – Marco and Slippin’ Jimmy run their schemes in Chicago.1998 – 2002 – Jesse attends J.P. Wynne High School where he takes at least one chemistry class with Walter White.January 2001 – Chuck takes a sabbatical from HHM due to his illness.December 8, 2001 – Matt Ehrmantraut is murdered by his corrupt fellow police officers.March 2002 – Mike kills his son’s murderers.

Better Call Saul Era

Better Call Saul Season 1

May 13, 2002 – July 18, 2002In June, Jimmy is able to prove that the Kettlemans did indeed embezzle that money and gets $30,000 in hush money for his trouble. This brings him into contact with Mike Ehrmantraut. Meanwhile, Chuck McGill begins to struggle more with his electromagnetic sensitivity disorder.By late June, Jimmy is working more closely with his elderly clients on their estates. While pursuing that work, he discovers that elderly care facility, Sandpiper Crossing has been massively overcharging their guests. He reluctantly hands the case over to HHM and heads back to Cicero to pull more low-level cons with his old friend Marco. After Marco dies, Jimmy returns to Albuquerque and tells Mike that he plans to no longer hold himself back.

Better Call Saul Season 2

July 18, 2002 – September 26, 2002After having one perfect day of low-level criminal shenanigans with Kim, Jimmy accepts a job with Davis & Main based on the strength of his Sandpiper work. Meanwhile Mike deals with the extremely annoying client Daniel, who rats to the police after his baseball cards are stolen (despite being involved in a vast criminal conspiracy himself). Mike is forced to enlist Jimmy’s legal help.In August, Jimmy’s relationship with Davis & Main begins to sour after he runs an unprofessional commercial without their permission. Mike and Nacho enact a plan to get the volatile Tuco sent to prison for beating Mike up. Hector Salamanca enters the story to strong-arm Mike into altering his story and get Tuco’s prison time reduced. Jimmy gets himself fired from Davis & Main so that he can keep his signing bonus.Mike tries to kill Hector Salamanca via sniper rifle but is distracted by the sound of his car horn. Someone has left a branch against the steering wheel with the note “Don’t” attached.

Better Call Saul Season 3

September 26, 2002 – March 28, 2003In September, Mike finds out that it is Los Pollos Hermanos owner (and renowned drug kingpin) Gus Fring who left the note. They come to an understanding that Mike can continue to try to get Hector imprisoned but cannot kill him. Gus tries to hire Mike full time but he says he’ll only consider it. Chuck has a recording of Jimmy confessing to sabotaging him. When Jimmy breaks into Chuck’s home to destroy it, Howard and Chuck catch him in the act.The classic episode “Chicanery” picks up in February, 2003 where Chuck takes Jimmy to court over his treachery. Chuck is able to get Jimmy suspended by the bar association for a year but in the process it’s revealed that his electromagnetic sensitivity is all in his head.In March of 2003, Nacho successfully sabotages Hector Salamanca by replacing his nitroglycerin pills with fakes. Hector then suffers a stroke. Chuck, despondent over what his life has become, commits suicide by kicking over a lantern in his paper-filled home.Jimmy attempts a Hummel figurine racket while Mike gets added to the Madrigal Electromotive payroll. Gus hires a doctor to keep Hector alive but only just barely. Gus also takes Nacho into his service as an unwilling double agent. Jimmy begins to sell burner phones to criminals. Kim joins up with Schweikart & Cokely to lessen her Mesa Verde obligations.The timeline jumps forward 9 months in “Something Stupid” to January of 2004. Kim and Jimmy have drifted apart but get closer than ever when Jimmy needs Kim’s help getting Huell Babineaux out of some legal trouble. Lalo Salamanca arrives in Albuquerque to take over the operations of the Salamanca clan.In late March and early April, Jimmy successfully gets his law license back and decides to begin practicing as Saul Goodman. Mike is forced to kill the genial German architect named Werner after he escapes from the compound he was building for Gus.

Better Call Saul Season 5

April 1, 2004 – May 13, 2004Jimmy McGill fittingly begins his full time career as representation to street-level criminals on April 1, 2004. A week into said career he gets more than he bargained for when Nacho takes him to see Lalo Salamanca to serve as Krazy-8’s attorney. It’s in this role that Jimmy meets Hank Schrader and Steven Gomez for the first time on April 8.By mid-May Lalo is in prison and Jimmy has successfully got him a $7 million bail. Jimmy has to head off into the desert to retrieve that $7 million and encounters a couple of issues to say the least. The season ends a few days later with Jimmy and Kim plotting to take down Howard and Lalo surviving an assassination attempt.

Better Call Saul Season 6

May 14, 2004 – February 11, 2005Almost the entire back half of Better Call Saul‘s final season takes place in the post-Breaking Bad future. We will save that for a section further down this article and focus only on the main “Jimmy” timeline. Jimmy and Kim spend nearly a month developing their plan to take out Howard.That plan comes to grim fruition on June 24, 2004, when they successfully ruin Howard’s reputation and then Howard is subsequently murdered by Lalo Salamanca. Mike guides Jimmy and Kim through the cover-up the next day and Kim ultimately decides to leave Jimmy shortly thereafter.In the episode “Fun and Games,” Better Call Saul flashes forward roughly seven months to when Jimmy McGill is fully enmeshed in his Saul Goodman personality. He will spend around four years helping out the low level criminals of Albuquerque before his path crosses with Walter White.Breaking Bad’s pilot episode takes place over the span of three weeks and they are a busy three weeks. Chemistry teacher Walter White discovers he has lung cancer and decides to begin cooking meth to provide for his family once he’s gone. By September 28, Walt and Jesse have begun working on their second batch in an RV out in the desert. By late October, Walt and Jesse have come into contact with Tuco Salamanca.

Breaking Bad Season 2

October 31, 2008 – February 17, 2009Breaking Bad season 2’s timeline jumps around a bit thanks to the flashforward of a plane crash that opens several episodes throughout the season. In early November, Walt and Jesse meet the terrifying Hector Salamanca and Hank Schrader dispatches Tuco. Jesse and Walt find some success in the meth game and begin a modest expansion. This necessitates the need to bring in criminal lawyer Saul Goodman in December. Jesse begins a relationship with his landlord Jane, which proves to be a destructive one as they both begin abusing drugs, leading to Jane’s death in January. By season’s end, Walt has come into contact with Gus Fring and Skyler White realizes that Walt is up to something nefarious.

Breaking Bad Season 3

February 18, 2009 – April 16, 2009Walt tries to leave the meth game behind to repair his relationship with Skyler in early February. By the time March 11 rolls around, Gus has convinced Walter to enter into his services, mass-producing meth. Hank has a run-in with a still despondent Jesse in mid-March, and beats him up, sending Jesse to the hospital. When Jesse recovers in late March, he joins Walt at the superlab. Due to Jesse’s addiction issues and Walt’s consistent insubordinations up to and including killing a couple of drug dealers, Gus is at his wit’s end with the duo. On April 16, 2009, Walt and Jesse save their lives the only way they know how. They kill fellow meth expert Gale Boetticher to make themselves essential to Gus.April finds Walter and Jesse uneasily continuing their relationship with Gus, and knowing that he is itching for a reason to kill them. While Walt buys a snubnosed revolver, Sklyer begins the process of purchasing the car wash that Walt used to work out to launder their money.In May, Mike begins to take Jesse with him on collections. Walt and Jesse begin a plan to poison Gus with ricin. Speaking of poison, Gus poisons Don Eladio in July and kills all his men. An ascendant Gus then uses the opportunity to relieve Walt of his services. Walt tries to have his family “disappear” but doesn’t have enough funds to do so. The only option left is to kill Gus. So that’s what Walt and Jesse do (in spectacular fashion) on July 14.

Breaking Bad Season 5A

July 15, 2009 – March 3, 2010Breaking Bad’s final season opens with a flashforward a year in the future. We know it’s Walt’s 52nd birthday thanks to the bacon arranged on his plate (which is of course, Breaking Bad’s favorite time-keeping mechanism). Back in July of 2009, Walt and Jesse are finally in the empire business. They erase any trace of their association with Gus Fring and enlist Madrigal Electromotive’s Lydia Rodarte-Quayle to expand their reach.Walt is given yet another out in September to sell off their meth enterprise to Declan. Instead, in early October, Walt kills Mike and then kills all of Mike’s men in prison. The midseason finale flashes forward at least three months and possibly more to show Walt’s business thriving. The only issue is that one fateful copy of Walt Whitman’s Leaves of Grass reveals to Hank that Walter White is Heisenberg.The second half of the final season begins in March with Walt’s cancer returning and Hank setting out to take his brother-in-law down. Thus begins a thrilling cat and mouse game that culminates with a trip to the To’hajiilee desert where Hank and Gomez are killed by Jack Welker. “Ozymandias,” one of the greatest episodes in TV history, follows.The events of these eight episodes are confined mostly to just over a week in March 2010. The penultimate episode “Granite State” and the finale, “Felina,” eventually take things to September, 2010 to fullfill that initially promised time jump. Walt, of course, returns to ABQ to settle some scores, rescue Jesse, and die on his own terms.

El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie

September 7, 2010 – September 13, 2010The events of El Camino begin right after the Breaking Bad finale on September 7 and carry through the next five days. Jesse spends September 7 and 8 at Skinny Pete’s house. He then takes off for Todd’s apartment on September 9. There he encounters Neil Kandy and Casey and the trio split up the money they find there into three shares.That same day Jesse enlists the help of the vacuum man to disappear but finds that he is short $1,800. On September 10, Jesse has his final confrontation with Neil Kandy. He is able to pay for his extraction and three days later begins a new life in Alaska.Originally, fans thought that the flash forwards to Saul’s life as Gene Takovic in Omaha, Nebraska took place in 2015. This is due to the appearance of a visible 150th anniversary of Omaha sticker in the first season and the fact that it was filmed in 2015. Due to the precise scheduling information provided by Nebraska football in season 6, however, we now know that the Gene Takovic timeline picks up shortly after Saul leaves Albuquerque and lasts through December 10, 2010.In season 1, Gene goes to work as a Cinnabon manager at the mall and comes home to watch old Saul Goodman commercials on a VHS. In season 2, Gene gets locked outside in the trash room of the mall but is afraid to contact anyone to help. In season 3, Gene tells a mall thief to call a lawyer rather than talk to the cops, then collapses from a seeming heart attack. In season 4, we discover that the heart attack was just stress. Gene then experiences more paranoia and stress when it seems as though his Social Security number won’t hold up at the hospital. It does, but he panics in a taxi cab on the way home because the driver, Jeff (played by Don Harvey and then Pat Healy) seems to recognize him. In season 5, Jeff arrives at the mall and confirms that he knows Gene is Saul Goodman. Gene calls the vacuum repairman, Ed, again prepared to start a new life once more. But he thinks better of it and hangs up.Around October 16, Gene decides to rob the mall’s department store with the help of Jeff. Seemingly addicted to crime and chicanery once again, Gene, Jeff, and an accomplice start a scam to steal rich men’s valuable financial information. Jeff’s mom Marion (Carol Burnett) recognizes Gene as Saul Goodman on December 6 and Gene is captured and arrested that same day. His story comes to an end in prison four days later.


What is the timeline between Better Call Saul and Breaking Bad? ›

While "Better Call Saul" is a mix of both a prequel and sequel series, most of it takes place before the events of "Breaking Bad." The series is meant to fill in the gaps of the six years before Saul Goodman's first appearance in the series that started it all.

Where does Better Call Saul take place in the Breaking Bad timeline? ›

Better Call Saul's story is split between two timelines: pre-Breaking Bad and post-Breaking Bad. The latter timeline is Saul's life after he is relocated from Albuquerque, New Mexico, at the end of Breaking Bad. In that future timeline, he's a Cinnabon employee named Gene Takovic living in Omaha, Nebraska.

How to watch Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul in chronological order? ›

Therefore, the best possible Breaking Bad universe watch order is Breaking Bad, El Camino, and then Better Call Saul – especially for those who are watching it for the first time.

How many years after Better Call Saul does Breaking Bad take place? ›

Better Call Saul season 5 is still in 2004, as is season 6, over four years before the events of Breaking Bad set off. There are flash-forwards to 2010 when Jimmy is living incognito as Gene and working as a fast food manager, culminating in him receiving a jail sentence that will see him die behind bars.

Does Walter White appear in Better Call Saul? ›

The final season of Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould's Better Call Saul brought about the highly anticipated return of Breaking Bad's iconic, beloved duo, Walter White (Bryan Cranston) and Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul).

Does Better Call Saul happen after Breaking Bad or before? ›

It's important to note that both are great in their own ways (even if one somehow still doesn't have any Emmys), and are heavily linked, as Better Call Saul is set (mostly) before Breaking Bad, and features many returning characters from the original show.

How does Saul Goodman come into Breaking Bad? ›

Saul first appeared in "Better Call Saul" (2009), the eighth episode of Breaking Bad's second season. He was created to provide Walt and Jesse with a guide for their criminal activities and to replace Hank Schrader (Dean Norris) as Breaking Bad's comic relief.

Does Better Call Saul season 6 take place before Breaking Bad? ›

Bob Odenkirk, Jonathan Banks, Rhea Seehorn, Patrick Fabian, Michael Mando, Tony Dalton, and Giancarlo Esposito reprise their roles from previous seasons. Better Call Saul is a spin-off, prequel and sequel of Breaking Bad created by Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould. The sixth season picks up where the fifth left off.

Is Lalo mentioned in Breaking Bad? ›

Better Call Saul's Nacho and Lalo were first referenced in Breaking Bad season 2, but the prequel has now altered the context of those early mentions. Better Call Saul completely changes the meaning behind Saul Goodman's famous Breaking Bad Nacho line.

What is the meaning of El Camino? ›

El Camino is Spanish for 'the way'. The title of the movie references the car in which Jesse makes his escape at the end of the series finale.

How is Todd alive in El Camino? ›

Like Bryan Cranston's Walter White and Jonathan Banks' Mike Ehrmantraut, Todd is brought back from the dead via flashbacks by Breaking Bad creator and El Camino writer-director Vince Gilligan.

Is Saul in El Camino? ›

These Better Call Saul characters are also present in El Camino.

Why is Better Call Saul in black and white? ›

Director Peter Gould's use of black and white to draw the viewer's eye and aid in the framing of his shots is spectacular. He reminds the viewer of classic black and white films while also underscoring and symbolizing Saul Goodman's journey out of darkness and toward the light.

Does Saul know Walt is Heisenberg? ›

track down Walt, foreshadowing the debut of Mike Ehrmantraut in "ABQ". In "Breaking Bad", Saul is shown asking Mike about Heisenberg and he identifies both Walt and Jesse for him.

Does Hank ever appear in Better Call Saul? ›

Dean Norris had appeared as Hank Schrader, Marie's husband and a DEA agent, in “Better Call Saul” Season 5, but having Marie cross over into Saul's (Bob Odenkirk) story seemed almost too far-fetched.

Is Skyler White in Better Call Saul? ›

The show's creator Vince Gilligan has already made the spin-off film El Camino and the spin-off show Better Call Saul, but neither Walt Jr. nor Skyler returned for either one. Actress Anna Gunn played the White family matriarch in all five seasons of the series.

Does Better Call Saul show what happened to Saul after Breaking Bad? ›

Saul Goodman legal action, the now-reformed Jimmy McGill ended up with 86 years in prison as Walter White's “indispensable” criminal lawyer. After going down a dark path the past few seasons, Saul finally turned a corner and confessed to all of his crimes, clearing Kim Wexler's (Rhea Seehorn) name.

Do I need to watch El Camino before Better Call Saul? ›

While El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie wasn't released until October 2019 (between Better Call Saul's fourth and fifth seasons), you shouldn't hold off on watching the film until you are deep into the second show.

Does Better Call Saul show what happens to Saul after Breaking Bad? ›

Taking full responsibility at his trial, Saul was sentenced to 87 years in prison. While being taken to prison, Saul's fellow inmates recognized him immediately and chanted "Better Call Saul" in reference to his adverts about helping give justice to criminals like them.

Is Kim mentioned in Breaking Bad? ›

The fate of Kim Wexler is finally explained in Monday night's penultimate “Better Call Saul” episode, “Waterworks.” Through a flashback, we see Kim in Albuquerque during the “Breaking Bad” timeline — and she even interacts with Jesse Pinkman, who bums a cigarette and asks whether Saul Goodman is any good.

Why is Kim Wexler not in Breaking Bad? ›

She tells Jimmy that they are bad for one another—that the chaos they've created together is too much for her conscience, despite having “the time of [her] life” doing it. She cancels her own law license, packs her bags, and leaves Saul for an unknown destination.

Are Walt and Jesse in Better Call Saul? ›

Yes, Walter White and Jesse Pinkman returned—but the episode was more than just an excuse for a cool cameo.

Is El Camino canon? ›

El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie is a worthy edition in the Breaking Bad canon. It takes forward the story of a character who was the moral centre of the show - or at least one who passed for one - and completes his arc in a satisfying way. March 9, 2021 | Rating: 4/5 | Full Review…

Do I watch El Camino after Breaking Bad? ›

You should watch them in the order creator of the Breaking Bad universe, Vince Gilligan, intended, and that's the order they were aired. Breaking Bad first, El Camino as a kind of bonus footage of Breaking Bad, then the pseudo-prequel, Better Call Saul.

Is El Camino connected to Breaking Bad? ›

El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie

The events of El Camino begin right after the Breaking Bad finale on September 7 and carry through the next five days. Jesse spends September 7 and 8 at Skinny Pete's house. He then takes off for Todd's apartment on September 9.

Is Lalo Hector's son? ›

Lalo is one of many nephews of Hector Salamanca, an enforcer of Don Eladio Vuente's drug cartel. After Hector suffers a stroke, Lalo arrives from Mexico to help run the family drug operation in Albuquerque and takes a greater interest in the day-to-day details than Hector did.

Is Lalo Tuco's dad? ›

Tuco Salamanca was born in Mexico at some point in 1972 and was raised by his uncle Hector, alongside his cousins Lalo, Marco, and Leonel, and his first cousin once removed Joaquin, as a member of the Cartel.

Why is Gus scared of Lalo? ›

Because of the rivalry between Gus and Hector, Lalo becomes dedicated to disrupting Gus' legitimate restaurant business Los Pollos Hermanos and Lavandería Brillante, as well as his reputation with the cartel. Unlike his other rivals such as Walter White, Gus was highly fearful of Lalo due to his cunning and resilience.

Was El Camino a flop? ›

El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie drew 6.5 million viewers in the US on its opening weekend, making it one of Netflix's most successful original films of the year.

What does El Dorado mean? ›

El Dorado • \el-duh-RAH-doh\ • noun. 1 : a city or country of fabulous riches held by 16th century explorers to exist in South America 2 : a place of fabulous wealth or opportunity.

Was El Camino a secret? ›

El Camino SPOILER: Bryan Cranston's return to the Breaking Bad sequel was kept so secret that producers flew him in on a private jet and used CGI to recreate his iconic look. The sequel film to Breaking Bad was released on Friday last week, after being shot in complete secrecy in Albuquerque, New.

What happens to Skyler after Walt dies? ›

What happens to Skyler after Walt leaves? It is revealed that Skyler is eventually forced to move into an apartment and takes a job as a taxi dispatcher, having all their assets seized. She still maintains custody of the children, however ("Granite State").

Who is the girl at the end of El Camino? ›

After Jesse kills his ex-captors and flees to Alaska to start fresh, "El Camino" ends with another stirring flashback: this time, to Jesse and his soon-to-be-late girlfriend, Jane (Krysten Ritter), as they debate whether life is best left to chance.

Is Jesse alive in El Camino? ›

There's no word on what happened to the White family after Walt's death, but El Camino confirmed that Jesse Pinkman survived the compound siege and that he made it to Alaska a free man, ready to start over.

Why wasn t Skyler in El Camino? ›

Instead of making a movie that was all about fan service, El Camino stuck to Jesse's story. If a character isn't needed for Jesse's final escape, then they don't make an appearance. With that in mind, neither Skyler nor Walt Jr. make an appearance in El Camino, nor are they even referenced.

Who is the guy that Jesse remembers in El Camino? ›

Neil Kandy is an unseen antagonist in the fifth and final season of Breaking Bad and the main antagonist of its 2019 sequel film El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie.

Why wasn t Gus in El Camino? ›

Performance Cookies. El Camino: A Breaking Bad movie writer-director Vince Gilligan admits he "just couldn't figure out" how to incorporate Gus Fring (Giancarlo Esposito) or the family of Walter White (Bryan Cranston): wife Skyler (Anna Gunn), son Walt Jr. (RJ Mitte) and sister-in-law Marie (Betsy Brandt).

Why does Saul call himself Jimmy? ›

It is displayed in his name change: his birth name of Jimmy McGill, which ties him to the legacy of his brother, or Saul Goodman, the expert con artist and money grabber. He was best when he was bad. Desire, or passion, is not as simple as a dualistic split between good and evil.

Why is Saul in Cinnabon? ›

After Ed Galbraith gave Saul Goodman a new life and identity, Saul (then known as Gene Takavic) got a job working at the Cinnabon store located in Omaha, where he worked for several months.

Who is the Cinnabon man in Better Call Saul? ›

Cinnabon appears in the first episode of every season of Better Call Saul, except for season 6. It is located inside a large Omaha, Nebraska shopping mall. Jimmy McGill, living under the false identity "Gene Takavic" is the store manager, depressed with his situation and longing to unearth his true passion as a lawyer.

Does Better Call Saul Season 6 take place before Breaking Bad? ›

Bob Odenkirk, Jonathan Banks, Rhea Seehorn, Patrick Fabian, Michael Mando, Tony Dalton, and Giancarlo Esposito reprise their roles from previous seasons. Better Call Saul is a spin-off, prequel and sequel of Breaking Bad created by Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould. The sixth season picks up where the fifth left off.

What timeframe does Better Call Saul take place? ›

The season takes place in 2002, six years prior to the events in Breaking Bad, and features Bob Odenkirk reprising his role as James Morgan "Jimmy" McGill, known in Breaking Bad as Saul Goodman. Jimmy is a struggling lawyer looking after his successful brother Chuck, a former attorney.

When was Saul's first appearance in Breaking Bad? ›

Saul Goodman
First appearanceBreaking Bad: "Better Call Saul" (2009) Better Call Saul: "Uno" (2015)
Last appearanceBreaking Bad: "Granite State" (2013) Better Call Saul: "Saul Gone" (2022)
Created byVince Gilligan Peter Gould
Portrayed byBob Odenkirk Blake Bertrand (teenage flashback) Cole Whitaker (childhood flashback)
16 more rows

What year did Saul meet Walt? ›

Saul Goodman made his debut in Season 2's eighth episode, aptly titled “Better Call Saul,” as the attorney of Walt and Jesse's meth dealer Badger. This episode takes place sometime in late 2008, and it's supposedly the first time Saul ever met Walt and Jesse.

How did Walter White meet Saul? ›

Walt and Jesse first met Saul in “Breaking Bad” because he represented one of their dealers, Jesse's friend Badger, who was arrested for meth distribution.


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