Happylab: Dein 900m² Makerspace mitten in Wien (2023)

Happylab: Dein 900m² Makerspace mitten in Wien (1)

"With my jewelry label heartware, I have specialized in high-quality processing of acrylic glass. I developed the bending templates for the production of my jewelry on the CNC milling machine at Happylab and have been preparing the acrylic glass for my collections there since 2012."

- Anja Schober, heartware

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"Since I mainly produce individual solutions, Happylab offers a very good infrastructure, with which I was able to expand my offer in the Durkowitzer Handwerkstatt. As a one-woman show, this is a great opportunity for me to produce things that, as a small company, I wouldn't be able to do."

- Ulrike Sigl, Durkowitzer Handwerkstatt

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"I became a member at Happylab to take my self-made skis to the next level. The CNC milling machine enables me to process the wood cores and bases with industry standards. With the laser cutters, unique designs can be implemented. Thanks to the flexible offer and the support of the Happylab team, anyone can become a maker!"

- Henrick Pagel

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"Materials and creative work have always interested me. At the age of over 80, I have been able to work and experiment with highly professional devices and technologies at Happylab for 5 years now. The helpful community immediately gave me a friendly welcome and learning together on the devices and realizing ideas always gives me great pleasure."

- Thaddäus Poczynek

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"I've been a very satisfied Happylab member since September 2020. Why I became a member? Because I've always been looking for ways to increase my creativity - Happylab is not just a pastime but like a hobby that complements my work-life-balance."

- Karmi Hanna

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"I came across Happylab through a report in a daily newspaper, after which I became a member. I was able to expand my knowledge in many areas such as 3D printing, laser cutting and microprocessors. I was able to present my own projects from these areas at the Fab Contest and also win awards for it. I'm also willing to lend a hand if a helping hand is needed. I always feel comfortable and welcome at Happylab, well looked after by the management and the employees."

- Gerhard Hirt

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"Thanks to Happylab, we were able to build our first prototypes cost-effectively and easily. Many prototypes and hours on the milling machine and laser cutter later, we have our own company with more and more satisfied customers. Thanks again to Happylab for making all of this possible!"

- Alexander Geng, patchbox

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"My membership at Happylab enables me to realize particularly interesting projects and to exchange ideas with other makers. I prefer to work with the 3D printer and the laser cutter. I particularly look forward to the Maker Faire Vienna every year, where I can exhibit my work."

- Thomas Ozsda, otshop

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"After I retired, I found a workshop with very good equipment and modern machines at Happylab. And also a lot of friendly, helpful people who are happy to help with any problems. When you're working on a project, you always get support, and often clever alternative solutions too."

- Paul Srna

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"I've been a member of Happylab since 2015 and do both private and commercial projects there for which I either don't have the equipment or the space in my own workshop. For example, I use the high-precision laser cutter at the lab for very detailed engravings on my surfboard pendants of my brand Flugsand."

- Stefan Übermasser, Flugsand

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"It is a long way from the idea to the first functioning prototype. Happylab shortens this path considerably by offering the right tools and machines, but above all it has a community of like-minded people who can provide advice and support. HELIOZ has therefore manufactured the first WADI prototypes at Happylab and thus created the basis for serial production. "

- Martin Wesian, Helioz

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"I've been a member of Happylab for about 4 years now. It was a conscious decision for me to become a member at Happylab - because it is easy to reach, the team is always very helpful and always there to offer advice and assistance, and the price-performance ratio is great. With the membership you are very flexible and can come and go whenever you want. You also get to know many other creative minds and can exchange ideas."

- Yasmin Proksch, YAGA

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"At the beginning of our journey with HappyMed stood the production of usable prototypes. At this point Happylab with its extensive equipment helped us a lot. In a very short time it was possible for us to design the first prototypes at Happylab at a reasonable price. The access around the clock is super helpful. Founding teams rarely stick to official office hours, which makes it all the more important to find institutions and partners that cater to these needs."

- Philipp Albrecht, HappyMed

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"More equipment means more possibilities for me. This attitude brought me to Happylab, the enthusiasm and the inspiring community have never let me go. Happylab plays an important role in the Space Team, without this resource the implementation of numerous projects would be more difficult. This can be seen in our rocket test stand with a liquid engine - the first of its kind in Austria."

- Max Gruber, Space Team

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"We started out almost eight years ago as a typical garage start-up. However, our garage was called “Happylab”. There we manufactured several prototype parts for our first 3D printer quickly and cost-effectively. If a component didn't work, we could adapt the design immediately and make another part - within a few hours. So we were able to build our first prototype step by step within a few weeks without having to dig deep into our pockets. The rest is history. Our first prototype made it possible for us raise money from investors and build our company."

- Andrei Neboian, Xioneer Systems GmbH

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"As part of our diploma thesis at HTL Rennweg, we developed the dynamic bar chart, an analog bar chart, at Happylab. During the assembly, both the laser cutter and the workshop were used intensively."

- Felix Meixner

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"I actually came across Happylab by accident. Since I was in a reorientation phase, I turned my hobby into a job. The important first steps would not have been possible without Happylab. I now produce with my own laser cutter, but for special tasks I'm happy to return to the machines at Happylab."

- Thomas Heuser, Microwelten

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"Happylab is an integral part of various work steps during our TableConnect prototype development. Great equipment, quick results, helpful community - thank you!"

- Reinhard Rath, tableconnect

Happylab: Dein 900m² Makerspace mitten in Wien (19)

"I became a member of Happylab because I wanted to learn more about 3D printing. Since then I've discovered a new passion for myself. Thanks to the extensive training opportunities, it was possible to get started without any prior knowledge."

- Willy Chhay

Happylab: Dein 900m² Makerspace mitten in Wien (20)

"My background is in graphic design, but I've always had a special passion for craft and creating physical things. The combination of these two interests laid the foundation for Kairoz - when I started experimenting with the laser cutter at Happylab a few years ago and built the first lamp by coincidence, followed by further ideas, new prototypes and technical improvements. Since then, Happylab has given me the opportunity to realize my visions and to produce every lamp myself from the first draft to the final product."

- Julia Fischer, Kairoz

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"For me, as a retired teacher for handicrafts and informatics,in 2014 Happylab was a revelation. I now work with all the machines. Almost. Because there is always something new. Learning to use the CNC milling machine at 70 is just right. The photo shows my latest work: bed and shelf for my eldest grandson."

- Bernhard Prenner

Happylab: Dein 900m² Makerspace mitten in Wien (22)

"In the truest sense of the word, I worked through the nights until sunrise to finish my prototype for the show "2 Minuten 2 Millionen". I received great support from Happylab and the community - with tips, milling heads and mental support. Many thanks!"

- Paul Japek, SHARK-Bike

Happylab: Dein 900m² Makerspace mitten in Wien (23)

"In the beginning we had to work sparingly for the mass production of our gadgets. The first injection mold was made at Happylab. Here we were well supplied with all kinds of tools. Perfect for startup founders!"

- Sirus Madjderey, hold

Happylab: Dein 900m² Makerspace mitten in Wien (24)

"After completing my studies, I was looking for a place to deepen my newly ignited enthusiasm for working with the laser cutter. Thanks to Happylab, I was able to try things out for myself and thus find my own design language with the materials used. And thereby realize my jewelry designs. Thank you Happylab!"

- Auris Kunisch, AURIS KU

Happylab: Dein 900m² Makerspace mitten in Wien (25)

"After starting our company Vanatracker during our master programme, we were looking for a place for the production and development of new products. The large selection of machines, continuous opening hours and good transport connections made the decision easy for us. Since then, we've successfully produced our first small series at Happylab. We could always count on the great support of the Happylab team and have also made many interesting contacts in the maker community."

- Felix Drucker, Vanatracker

Happylab: Dein 900m² Makerspace mitten in Wien (26)

"For our first prototypes, we were urgently looking for a place where we would have space to create. Here our way led us to Happylab. Within a 20-minute walking distance from our living room couch, we have access to a huge and constantly growing pool of machines from the industrial sectors that are important to us. The Happylab team is competent, friendly and helpful - an absolute plus for me. We also had very good experiences with the extremely diverse Happylab community. An inspiring makerspace & co-working space where you learn something new every time!"

- Henning Boerstinger, Eevi Gardens

Happylab: Dein 900m² Makerspace mitten in Wien (27)

"Raising Hands is a participatory art project that shows two helping hands consisting of one million 1 cent coins. One and a half meters high, three meters wide, two meters deep and weighing four tons, Raising Hands is a symbol of solidarity and respectful, appreciative cooperation. At Happylab we implemented the final models for the Raising Hands project. We were not only helped on a technical level, we also got to know new machines and materials. Happylab gave us the perfect space to implement our project in the best possible way and we were able to contact the experts if we had any questions."

- Julia Bugram & Isabella Fürst, Raising Hands

Happylab: Dein 900m² Makerspace mitten in Wien (28)

"I am so grateful that Happylab exists, because only with the expertise of the on-site staff, the wide range of equipment and also the training on the machines was it possible to complete my unique project - book milling for my Sci-Fi novels. The opportunity to work on the project in the makerspace seven days a week and 24 hours a day makes it possible for me as a professional to pursue my dream as a sci-fi author even in the evenings, at weekends or on public holidays."

- Sandra alias Celeste Ealain

Happylab: Dein 900m² Makerspace mitten in Wien (29)

"In order to be able to produce Høsker faster and with higher quality, I was looking for a CNC milling machine and found Happylab. Thanks to Happylab, I then had access to 3D printers, laser cutters and much more in one fell swoop, which extremely advances and simplifies the manufacture and development of products. Thanks to the Happylab team for giving me such a warm welcome and for the great cooperation over the years."

- Lukas Winter, Høsker

Happylab: Dein 900m² Makerspace mitten in Wien (30)

"Happylab has enabled us to quickly produce prototypes for our gaming mask PHASMA and also to realize new ideas that we would never have thought of otherwise - especially with our budget. I think Happylab is just great! Also as a meeting place with other makers who gave us some tips, help, and motivation."

- Andrés Bellés Meseguer, Metadox


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